About Me

My name is Emilie and I’m a self-confessed waffler. I have a habit of over sharing and a love for writing which has resulted in the slow and gory birth of my blog. Please bear with me, I’m a technophobe so this is going to have to be labour of love. I don’t exaggerate even a smidge when I say it has taken me a month of staring at my WordPress homepage to figure out how to update the ‘About Me’ section…


So, about me:

I am a Bid Writer (I don’t know either) from Bristol, England, with a giant labradoodle sidekick called Otis and a boyfriend of nearly 10 years called Thomas (or Fat Tom) who is the absolute tits. We live in a shambles of a house that we are in the process of doing up ready to sell. Its current status is show home meets post-apocalyptic ruin – it’s a work in progress. I did a Building Surveying degree which was entirely useless to me until I decided to renovate a house and now it is only 74% useless. I’ve caught the renovation bug though and I can’t wait to start our next project…. I wasn’t saying that when I had to spend a month peeing in a bucket and washing with a rag on a stick.

Anyway, I digress (that happens a lot).

 I am a MASSIVE foodie (emphasis on the massive) who also happens to be allergic/intolerant to a number of my favourite foodstuffs (wheat/gluten, shellfish, grapes/wine etc). A love of food and a lack of discipline has resulted in me spending most of my adult life either on an extreme diet or overweight, so last June (2015) I decided to join Slimming World and hot damn did it change my life?! I am the world’s slowest dieter (ahem, it’s not a diet, it’s a lifestyle) because I enjoy socialising, cheese and G&Ts FAR too much. But this is all FINE because just under a year down the line I am two and a half stone lighter. Slowly slowly catchy monkey. Except no monkey. Slowly slowly catchy slinky, healthy body. I made an Instagram account (@sw_emilie) especially for my Slimming World journey (I hate that term), to use as a food diary and to allow me to creep on and be inspired by other girls and boys losing weight and getting sassy. It’s the most insane, supportive, fast growing community AND has resulted in me making some amazing real actual life friends.

I also love:

Reading: Pretty much anything and everything except fantasy because I have a terrible imagination and I like to get lost in a book which I can’t do if I spend my whole time thinking ‘pfffft, AS IF Harry can do magic and stuff fam’.

Beyoncé: I truly believe that if (when) we meet she will think I am excellent and hilarious and really wise and she will hire me to be her full time best friend. I will of course accept. I also look forward to being really impressed and surprised when Thomas manages to get her to perform at our wedding.

Travelling: It’s such a cliché because who hasn’t got a serious case of wanderlust?! However, I really LOVE packing a suitcase (in the most OCD fashion you could ever imagine), seeing new places, being a tourist, eating new foods (and realising that in a lot of countries that when I ask (pre-rehearsed speech in whichever language) if something is gluten free and they smile and nod at me, that I shouldn’t trust them) and getting a tan. I haven’t travelled enough because I have always been saving for something else so I have very exciting plans in the pipeline this year and next…

Aaaaaand loads of other stuff; summer, horror films, cooking, candles, copper, melted cheese, English beaches, being lazy, being active, funny people, barbeques, dogs etc etc etc.

Enough about me. Basically, I am very regular and I am going to try to write about my regular life, regularly.

I am starting this blog on my 27th birthday because I have wanted one for an age and if not now then when?  I decided to incorporate it with something else I have planned to do for a long time; a ’30 by 30’ Bucket List. So, if you have not yet fallen into a deep sleep thanks to my waffling then head on over to my first blog post and read a list of mostly unrealistic things I have planned for myself over the next three years. You could even hang around and watch me back out of half of them with some useless excuses, achieve approximately 4-7 of them and forget about the rest until just before my 30th birthday….

Over and out.

Emilie xx


9 thoughts on “About Me

  1. This is amazing, I love it as much as I love you Queen Bee 🐝 Your bucket list is divine – thank you for introducing me to alphabet dating (as if I’ve never seen that before). The next three years are gonna be super snazzy for you! Georgie 💛💛💛


  2. Hi Emilie- we’ve been trying to find a way to get hold of you (no contact details on your blog, or instagram…) What’s the best way? You can get my email from this, we’ve got a foodie opportunity that we think you might like and we’d like to feature you on our site. Get in touch!


  3. Hi – I have now sent you a DM through instagram. Done brief chat, not sure if you’ve got it or not. Happy to chat, or send you a bit more detail by email (tried to keep it brief in the DM). Let me know if you got the DM, thanks.


  4. Hi Emilie,

    Do you have an email address I could contact you on? I’m currently organising an event on behalf of one of our clients and would like to send you an invite.

    Many Thanks,

    Dan Poulson


  5. Missing you on Insta!! With all of the unrealistic expectations, feelings on inadequacy and low self esteem that Instagram brings, it is accounts like yours that bring us back down to earth and make us feel like we are good enough. A talented writer/blogger who deserves to be up there with the best! I hope that you come back one day or decide to express your creativity and real ness on a new platform.
    Lots of love 💕

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you so much! What a lush comment. I will definitely keep blogging… I have a few written that I haven’t published yet but I’m just really enjoying being in my happy little space at the moment free of negativity and mean girl vibes! Pre wedding it’s exactly what I need! Post wedding whoooo knows but the blog will always be here either way! Being called a talented writer is the BEST compliment you could pay me so thank you so much 💛💛💛💛


      1. You are a great writer/blogger! I am always lolling out loud at your waffling! I know that people are mean but there are so many out there who love what you do!
        I will turn on email notifications to keep up with the blog in that case 🙂
        Thank you and have an amazing wedding day!
        I work at the Celtic Manor and was gutted I didnt see you when you visited a few weeks ago so I could pay you that compliment in person! Have a great one and hope to see you back soon 💕


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