Alphabet Dating – ‘J’ Date

So it was my turn to plan a date and I had so many ideas but with only one proper free day before Tom goes for the summer (he works away for 2 months every year) I was limited with my options. NONE of the things I wanted to do were running last night and so I went for lots of little things instead….

Part 1 of our J Date – An early morning Jog. Now, I didn’t manage to capture any photos of this part of our morning. That’s because it didn’t happen. Fat Tom flat out refused and looked at me like I’d purposefully trodden on one of his tiny miniature lovingly hand painted models when I even suggested it. So I went off to my Slimming World class and then went for a coffee with my friend, leaving Tom to have a nice long lie in… 

It’s not really Date related… but I did buy Tom some presents…. two Jaws T-shirts because the kid LOVES that film and I was worried he would be disappointed if the J Date didn’t involve watching Jaws, so this was my tactical compromise. I know most of the words to the Jaws films because I’ve been subjected to nearly 11 years of watching them over and over and so I didn’t fancy watching them again and calling it a date. What I wasn’t expecting was for FT to love the tees so much that he wore them out and about in real actual life. They were definitely intended as PJs. 

Part 2 of our J Date was my FAVE. A Jigsaw! Who knew that puzzles were SO fun?! I certainly didn’t. I chose a puzzle called ‘Jewels of the Sea‘ because J and because it had a shark on it. As discussed, Tom loves sharks. 
I have the attention span of a gnat so I was expecting to get bored after 15 minutes and let Tom finish it while I spent the day on the sofa watching Police Camera Action (best.ever). That was not even a little bit the case – I loved it so much that I actually kind of resented having to share my jigsaw experience with someone and really would’ve just happily been left to it. I naively thought it would take an hour or two to finish but it took us until today?! More on that later.

We watched Jumanji while we jigsawed (why do I have a horrible feeling that means something rude / grim to some people…?! I’m off to Google it… OK fear not, it’s ok, it can mean to taunt someone but it isn’t anything deeply offensive so it’s staying in) just because it starts with a J and both of us have only seen it 83 times before. Wonderful film. 

After sitting on our bottoms for 5 solid hours of jigsawing (yes) I managed to convince Otis and Tom to come for a Jog with me. Otis took very little convincing but FT definitely now hates me. 

We went to one of my favourite spots in Bristol called Leigh Woods and I surprised myself with how much I jogged. Tom, not so much, but luckily for us his walking speed (he’s a giant) is my running speed (little legs) so we both got our way. Ish. We got very very lost and I have no idea how because we’ve walked there a gazillion times and I ended up having to move our dinner reservation back by two hours – that’s how lost we got…

Dinner was AMAZING and all of the exercise and fearing for our lives in the woods meant it was really needed too. We went for Japanese food at a restaurant that I’ve wanted to try for ages but never got round to. It’s called Nomu and they have a whole gluten free menu so I was as happy as Larry. 

We ate a LOT of food, had a couple of cocktails, talked about going out out to a disco…. then agreed that we would WAY rather rush back home to put on our Jimjams/Jarmies and finish our jigsaw puzzle. Rock. And. Roll. 

We stayed up doing the jigsaw and drinking squash until we could both no longer keep our eyes open. That is a wild Saturday night right there. I’m so surprised at how long it took us to complete it. Is it normal to take a few sittings to finish a puzzle or are we both total morons?! Either way, we (I) finally finished it today. FT went off to rehearsals for a show he’s in and I promised I would wait for him….. did I arse?! I finished it after another 3 hours and it was one of the most satisfying moments of my entire life?! Wahey for jigsaws – I can definitely see this becoming a hobby of mine. 

This morning we did some scratch cards that I bought as the final part of our J Date…. because Jackpot yeah?! Tenuous link but I love me some gambling so any excuse. We won £20 which is naaaaat to be sniffed at (even if I spent £10 on scratch cards in the first place) and has made it straight into our wedding pot. 

Aaaaaaaand that’s it. J has been a super chilled but our last few dates were ridiculously extravagant (Holiday House, Ilfracombe weekend etc) and so we decided that the next few need to be very low key or we are never going to be able to afford a wedding. With our current fund guests are going to be eating spam and cuppa soups so it’s time to tighten the purse strings. 

I have no idea when our K Date will be but Tom said he’s going to try and pop back home a few times over the summer so hopefully we will fit one in then. Fingers crossed. 
Over and out ✌🏼💛


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